Want to learn how All Call Log came about?

The developers at DandyFace Development created a plugin that they feel will be the next generation of lead generation capturing.

Who is DandyFace Development?  DandyFace Development is comprised of Developers, designers, themers and all around guys experienced in marketing.

Antwan Dandy and Dustin Face worked together on their spare time to develop the All Call Log WordPress plugin.  They developed the plugin for small business who want to use their WordPress website for more than just a website, but do not want to spend the money it takes for some of those other CRM’s.  The guys knew how much of an investment it is to have a website for your business, so they wanted to incorporate more into that investment by creating this new WordPress plugin.

As a marketer and graphic designer who’s worked for several companies Dustin Face noticed a growing issue with these small businesses.  The biggest issue he always ran into as a marketer was the companies didn’t know how many calls they received about a specific product, where they were calling from, and what marketing was working the best for the company.  The other issue that he began to notice is customers typically are more than happy to give out their contact information if they feel a value to the product or service they are contacting your company about.  The problem was that the information would be given to this potential customer, but there was no follow up after the initial contact.  With the All Call Log it takes any guess work out of the lead generation process and it turns those questions into serious answers.

After thinking about the issues he has been against for years he started discussing those issues with Antwan Dandy.  Antwan is a spectacular developer who works with Dustin developing other types of software and websites.  After several brainstorming sessions the two came up with All Call Log.  After about 6 months of development and testing they’ve released the first version of All Call Log offering a free version of the software to ensure it is the right solution for you.

Use this Wordpress Plugin to track your customers communication with your company.